Robbery & Assault

It has been a long time since I've written a blog post.  My last one was at the end of October.  In November, I had a life-changing experience here in Santiago, and I am finally getting around to sharing my story here on WordPress... exactly two months later. My Story On Friday, November 10, I … Continue reading Robbery & Assault


Traveling by Bus in Chile

People who know me well are aware that I do not enjoy traveling long distances in one fell swoop.   I always prefer traveling by plane because it is the fastest way to get where I want to go.  Lately, though, I have been taking advantage of other modes of transportation.  You can save a … Continue reading Traveling by Bus in Chile

Fiestas Patrias en Chile

Chile celebrates its independence from Spain in September, and it is easily the biggest and most important holiday in the country.  It is called Fiestas Patrias (Native Land Holidays) or El Dieciocho (The 18th).  The main holiday is on the 18th, and everyone has the 19th off as well in honor of the military.  In … Continue reading Fiestas Patrias en Chile

Desierto Florido // Flowering Desert

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of witnessing one of nature's gifts: the flowering desert, located in Chile's Atacama Desert.  It is a somewhat rare phenomenon that does not occur every year.  Due to the large amount of rain Chile received this year, the desert is full of blooming flowers. If you are thinking of … Continue reading Desierto Florido // Flowering Desert

Public Transportation in Santiago

Not everyone feels as strongly as I do about public transportation.  I grew up in an area where it is not widely available, and I do not like driving.  Now that I can take the bus or metro (or occasionally Uber/taxis) anywhere I need to go, I am in heaven.  I don't have to fight … Continue reading Public Transportation in Santiago

Embalse El Yeso

If you want to experience nature at its finest, Chile is definitely the place to be.... and you don't have to venture very far from the capital city.  Yesterday, I went to Embalse El Yeso, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I highly recommend booking a tour because the only other way to get there is by … Continue reading Embalse El Yeso

Su Casa Es Mi Casa: Finding a Place to Live

Finding a place to live in another country can be a bit daunting.  When I taught in Barcelona, I used a program that set me up with a host family and I didn't really have to think about anything except getting myself there.  This time around, I was completely on my own.  It was a … Continue reading Su Casa Es Mi Casa: Finding a Place to Live